Banana Slug Patch
Banana Slug Patch
Banana Slug Patch
Banana Slug Patch

Banana Slug Patch

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Another awesome patch to add to your collection! This 3" round patch features two banana slugs and the words, "Live Slow, Die Whenever" circling around the edge, embroidered in green and yellow thread. It features an iron-on backing for easy application. Put it on your favorite jean jacket, bag, beanie, or gift it to a slow living, slug-loving friend.

• 3" round embroidered patch
• iron-on backing for easy application (comes with instructions!)
• lovingly packaged in a cellophane bag and a sturdy mailer

• Lay your chosen garment on a flat surface.
• Turn on your iron and set to correct heat for garment type. Make sure steam is turned off.
• Place the patch (face up) onto your garment in the chosen place. Place a thin cotton cloth over the patch.
• Apply pressure with the iron in circular motions for 10-30 seconds. Allow patch to cool, then flip the garment over (or inside out) and apply direct heat with the iron for 30 seconds.
• Check that the patch is fully attached, and repeat the ironing if needed.
• To make sure it stays, put a few stitches around the edge!

Pen+Pine's delightful illustrations are dreamed up and hand drawn in Northern California. Enjoy passing on their whimsical charm! All designs ©Pen+Pine.